Geordie’s Byre
The lassies and lads of Geordie’s Byre are:
Jasper Forrester   fiddle, mandolin, vocals
Jean Richstad   fiddle, mandolin, vocals
Larry Lawson   flutes, pennywhistles
Dan Brown   bass, vocals
Wally Bell   cittern, vocals
Steve Amsden   guitar, vocals


The name of this band comes from an old Scottish song called “The Muckin’ of Geordie’s Byre” which roughly translates as “cleaning the cow poop out of George’s cow barn”––very deep stuff. The band started in 1999, an offshoot of the famous Vashon Celtic Players. Geordie’s Byre spent their formative years performing at parties, weddings and the Irish pub
Tir Na Nog.

This band takes songs from the British Isles and smuggles them over to our fair isle, picking up a few sailor songs along the way.

We have a grand time playing and singing jigs, reels, waltzes and various other tunes from the old country––whatever country that happens to be, as long as it’s old.

I’m a latecomer to the band.
I started mucking with them in the summer of 2008. I replaced Mark Wells on the guitar, who replaced Martin Nyberg on guitar. This band is really rough on the guitar players (or vice versa). I’ve enjoyed learning the repertoire and the styles of playing in the Celtic tradition. We have a lot of fun and make some good music––it’s the life o’ Reilly.

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Loose Change

Loose Change is a high-energy, highly entertaining R&B band à la The Commitments. Complete with the big sounds of rhythm and horn sections and back-up “chick singers,” this band really tears it up. Troy Kindred fronts the band with his own brand of big, belt-it-out vocals and stage presence. Kevin Pottinger plays keyboards and directs the band.

Check out the LC website for a listen and more info.


This is a big, fun band with a big, fun show. It’s always great to pull out the old Gibson electric and play with these talented musicians. I love this music and I love letting my hair down (metaphorically speaking) and rocking out.

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The Magpies

The Magpies, Eelgrass, The Tendrils, Drosophila, etc., These are not many bands––it’s basically one band that can’t decide on a name. For more years than any of us like to admit, we’ve been playing and singing together, but we just can’t come up with a name. I think that’s the only reason we haven’t hit the big time yet: no one knows what to call us. The band is essentially a four-person trio. We have a core of three people and almost always bring in a fourth person. It’s always an adventure trying to determine who is in the lineup on any given day.

Whatever the personnel, we play a mix of songs from various genres: bluegrass, folk, country, Celtic and more. Our signature sound comes from our love of vocal harmony. Whether playing songs from the old country or old country songs, we always throw in a lot of harmony. I know I say this about all the bands, but we do have a lot of fun.

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The trio consists of:

Dan Brown   bass, vocals
Jean Richstad   fiddle, mandolin, vocals
Steve Amsden   guitar, vocals

Ringers could be any of the following:

Wally Bell   cittern, guitar, vocals
Randy Bruce   keyboards, fiddle, vocals
Paul Colwell   mandolin, vocals
Jasper Forrester   fiddle, mandolin, vocals
Dick Gordon   fiddle, banjo, mandolin, vocals
Jim Hobson   keyboards
Larry Lawson   flute, harmonica
Mindy Little   banjo, vocals
Nancy Morgan   flute
Chris Ott   guitar, vocals
Cliff Simpson   fiddle, mandolin, vocals


Poultry in Motion

Chris Anderson   lead guitar
Gib Dammann   drums
Dave Lang   fiddle, mandolin, squeezebox
and whatever instrument he has in his hand at the moment
Randy Bruce   keyboard, fiddle
Doug Ringer   bass
Wilson Abbott   dobro and other slidey things
Steve Amsden   guitar

In addition, we all lend our considerable vocal talents. (Singing, I mean.)


Like Venus springing fully grown from the head of Zeus, Poultry In Motion sprang fully grown from the collective heads of Chris Anderson and Gib Dammann (what an image!). It’s about playing some new and old country, playing some Cajun tunes, playing some rock & roll, and playing some original music. But mainly, it’s about playing.

We love to play together and it shows in the music. Whether we are rocking the people late at night in the bars or jamming on a two-chord song for twenty minutes for a square dance, we enjoy the moment. Audiences tend to get caught up in the excitement––either from the contagious nature of our enthusiasm or from the infectious rhythms and melodies we play and sing…
we don’t know. Or care. We aren’t proud.

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The Q Players

This is really not a band, per se. In 2009, I started playing a weekly gig at a local inn/pub, The Quartermaster Inn, known locally as the Q. During the summer, I play outside on the lovely deck overlooking Quartermaster Harbor on the Puget Sound. When the weather turns cold, we move inside to the dining room.


I can and do play solo, but my favorite thing has always been to play with my friends, so I asked if other people would like to join in the fun. I had a great response from fellow musicians. During the summer, the deck can get pretty rowdy with all the folks playing and jamming along. When we move indoors and have to use our “indoor voices,” we keep the number of players to two or three.

Almost every week, Nancy Morgan joins me on the flute (I’m not on the flute, she is). She’s a fantastic player and a lot of fun to play with. She has such a nice touch and tone to her playing, and she has an incredible ear. I almost never throw her when I toss out some hitherto unheard gem. Over the months we have worked up quite an extensive repertoire and a loyal following.

We are often joined by Wally Bell on cittern and vocals. I love his playing and singing. We have very different styles of playing but they blend really well. He has such an incredible knowledge of Gaelic music, especially Northumbrian tunes

Rumor Has It

Rumor Has It consists of:
Roger Taylor   guitar, vocals
Kevin Almeida   bass, vocals
Paul Colwell   mandolin, vocals
Larry Lawson   flutes, harmonica
Sarah Perlman   fiddle, vocals
Todd Zimberg   drums
Steve Amsden   guitar, vocals
Genevieve Amsden   ringer vocalist

Roger Taylor had a dream of putting together an acoustic-based, rhythm-heavy, vocal-laden, improvisational-minded dance band. (Or at least I think that’s what he had in mind.) He gathered together some of the finest and most diverse musical talent on the island (in the end, he had to settle for us) and Rumor Has It was off and running. The name came from our experience of being the subject of the island rumor mill as we were putting together our band.

The sound is a patchwork of folk-rock, bluegrass, soul and straight-ahead rock, with a few other genres represented. Our repertoire is mixed with songs from Railroad Earth, The Duhks, Smokey Robinson, Patty Griffin and others. We also do some originals. Take a listen to “Harvest Fair” for a small sampling of our sound. We love playing and creating great harmonies together. I think we all feel lucky to be playing with the others in the band––I know I do. I feel especially proud to be in the band with my daughter. It’s a true joy to hear and watch her sing and to sing with her.

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