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“Steve’s all about down-home fun. He plays whenever and wherever he can, just for the joy of playing together. He uses music to build community. A recent show featured musicians playing with him in both new and familiar configurations. Some of us hadn’t played together before, but we’d all played with Steve at one time or another. He was the common link between us. And that’s the kind of guy he is: community-spirited, open-hearted and fun. It’s no surprise that his music is like that too.”

“I’ll carry his gear… I’ll be a roadie––I just want to be around him and his band.”

“He’s such a complete joy to play with.”

"Steve Amsden has performed for many Vashon Allied Arts events during my long tenure here as Director of Performing Arts. Last year he was awarded a slot in VAA New Works Series, for the second time. Always a surprise, this time he put together a stellar group of nearly a dozen musicians to complement his soulful singing, skillful guitar work and gutsy songwriting. Whether in ensemble or solo, Steve’s professionalism and accessibility make him a standout performer of the many I have worked with during the past 20 years.
Genuine and honest, his stage presence conveys the inner workings of an artist true to his craft. His commitment to music is clearly a priority. Providing inspiration for fellow musicians and delighting his loyal fans, no two tunes sound the same; he moves between styles and genres with the grace and ease of a veteran stage performer.
Through the years, Steve has frequently stepped up to play for benefits and fundraisers. He’s always willing to help another human being, a rare and beautiful quality palpable through the alchemy of his heartfelt songs."
—Janice Randall, Director of Performing Arts, Vashon Allied Arts

We are so fortunate to have Steve Amsden as a regular performer here at the Quartermaster Inn & Restaurant.  He really knows how to engage the crowd and keep them entertained throughout dinner. Equally important, he has excellent instincts for when to tone it down and when to kick it into high gear.
—Troy Kindred and Marie Browne, Owners

“All I can say is that it is a pleasure and a privilege to get to play with Steve.”—

"...he even knows all the words…”

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